Fairy Tale??

Tonight... the night is a theater, and
I'll play 
Peter Pan
Searching for my 
Where are you?

Someone can tell me the truth?
Is the color of the sky really blue?
Cause all I just see is gray
it sucks and really blows me away

But things change, everything changes!
My life is more pure and brighter now
I can feel the sun burning my skin, every single day
It's like being born again at sunrise
Just like a Phoenix... or something like that

And, when the night comes, in the darkness
Captain Hook can't see me
I hide behind the smoke
I can fly like a bird

Sometimes my inseparable friend - 
Tinker Bell - is here with me, against the rules!
but she also likes spending some time with the 
Lost Boys.
She's a naughty fairy!
And just like the passion, a true fairy never dies.
All you have to do is believe!

But, you know what?
Maybe, just maybe
Could be more exciting playing hide-and-seek with myself
Until the day that I'll finally find my very happy ending,
for my 'fairy-tale-thing'.

Wendy, where are you?
Is she playing hide-and-seek too?

Turn the page, and you'll find the answer!
... In the end of the day ... it's neverland!
Everything is possible - All you have to do is: believe!