What is l.o.v.e?
With a huge and big question mark?!

Really! I’ve been thinking a lot in the past 10 years. Yes, I said 10 years!
I write about what I think it is and now I realize that it’s just the same old doubts, thoughts, and same NO answer. Not a clue!
It’s hard, it’s hurtful. I can’t find out by myself and the examples are no good at all.
Really and again; what is Love?

Be with someone for being afraid to be alone?
Scared about the future and changes?
Not knowing how to lose?
Cannot give up?
Shared futures?
Make smile every day?
Horner the other’s name?
Really good sex?
A cheating?
A son?
Word and Promises by the church?
The platonic love?
Summer love…
Not changing at all?
Give Up…

Really, Love it’s really hard to understand! And it’s so hard to feel it!
And even worse when you thinking that you have to have a good example to follow and compare. This way, how can you discovery it for yourself?

Why not give a try?
Don’t judge!

More smiles and fewer questions for now!
But deep inside that little one remains…
The journey continues….!